Hospitals of All Sizes Regularly Rely on Staffing Agencies to Fill Staffing Gaps - Hire Medicals
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Hospitals of All Sizes Regularly Rely on Staffing Agencies to Fill Staffing Gaps

Hospitals of All Sizes Regularly Rely on Staffing Agencies to Fill Staffing Gaps

The healthcare and medical industry as we currently know it has been struggling for years to fill positions with qualified healthcare workers. Studies have also shown that the projected number of a deficiency of health care workers by 2030 is 105,000 fewer workers than what is needed to keep up with the demands of the public.

So with all that said, how are hospitals combating issues with finding qualified and professional workers to fill the vacancies in their facilities? Seeing as the number of graduating healthcare workers is even lower than the number of students going into the field of medical and health care, finding good healthcare workers will continue to be a struggle.

Hospitals of All Sizes are Increasing Their Use of Outside Staffing Agencies

Surveys have shown that hospitals of all sizes and capacities have been turning to outside staffing agencies to help them fill specific roles, such as clinical roles and leadership or managerial roles. This means that the leadership positions can be filled quickly so that other positions that are of equal or greater importance, such as specialists, head doctors, and nurses can fill the other vacant positions. This allows the hospital to get back to focusing on saving lives and working at its best.

When it comes to the size of the hospital using outside staffing agencies, there are a few notes. Smaller hospitals are more likely to resort to outside staffing agency hiring help, simply because they are running a smaller institution, so there might not be as many people who can help form a hiring committee.

Smaller hospitals are also more likely to use outside staffing agencies to fill roles such as senior or mid-level leadership and managerial roles, rather than lower-level leadership which could be done by a doctor or nurse already working in the hospital.

However, on the opposite hand, larger hospitals are more likely to use outside staffing agencies to hire for a multitude of positions. The positions large hospitals typically use staffing agencies to fill are both leadership and managerial roles, as well as clinical positions, like doctors and nurses.

Despite how the hospitals are using outside resources to help fix their hiring issues, there are still issues concerning the priorities of human resource talent managers or hiring teams. Hiring for new or open positions typically is not at the top of their priority list and staffing agencies help alleviate this burden.

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