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About Company

Hire Medicals is a staffing agency which provides medical staffing solutions to both employers and job seekers.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to serve as the most reliable bridge between medical employers and job seekers, providing excellent medical recruitment solutions to meet staffing needs. We remain focused on ensuring competency and professional service delivery.

Call Service:

(800) 715-0038
CA: 310-659-6111
AZ: 602-888-8443
NY: 917-426-8870
Job Seeker

On daily basis, we receive requests from medical facilities looking for qualified candidates to fill vital positions within their organizations. As a medical staffing network, our best-in-class recruitment process serves to provide suitable candidates who have been adequately screened to ensure competency within their specialized area of medical practice.


Our recruitment process is aimed at providing the perfect candidate for your company, based on your staffing needs. A reputable medical staffing agency, such as Hire Medicals, provides an efficient and convenient staffing solution, easing time and budget constraints on behalf of your human resources department.

Candidate Evaluation

Our recruitment process ensures that recommended candidates have met qualification, skills, licensing, certification and other requirements of the healthcare positions for which your facility is looking to hire. With access to thousands of medical professionals, skilled in every area of practice, you can be ensured that the right candidate has been selected, easing the transition process of joining your healthcare staff.

Professional & Fast

Hire Medicals has thought over the years of the possibility of proving jobseekers and employers one of the fastest and professional way to get a medical professional and that has become a reality. We have made the process very simple and easy.

Online Consulting

We offer online consulting services with result-oriented solutions to your recruitment needs. Hire Medicals representatives have years of experience, making the recruitment process easy and convenient for you, from the comfort of your own office.

The Best Business Support

Hire Medicals takes pride in providing a reliable support system. We are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide the best business solutions to healthcare professionals.

Explore Our Process

Screening & Evaluation



We serve both large and healthcare facilities

With a staff of experienced representatives, Hire Medicals is focused on providing the best service to our clients. Our clients and recruits are often our best marketing tool, recommending us to colleagues and affiliates.


We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional service

Our recruitment process relies on automated technology as well as personalized evaluation. For employers and HR Directors, we simplify your hiring process by providing a thorough evaluation review, ensuring that recommended candidates have met all of your hiring criteria requirements. We review and evaluate candidates, eliminating time you might otherwise spend placing ads, sifting through piles of applicants and conducting countless interviews. With immediate access to a nationwide network of medical staff, once we receive your staffing request, our goal is to make the rest of the hiring process as easy as possible.


We employ a systematic method to our approach

Hire Medicals executes its recruitment processes in a result-oriented manner, providing a positive experience for both employer and job seeker.


How It Works

Hire Medicals was developed as a system to provide fast and effective medical staffing to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Over the years, we have honed and simplified our hiring process, making it easier for medical directors to fulfill staffing needs. For employers, the process begins with a simple online request form. For job seekers, Hire Medicals also offers an online submission form where recruits can provide their qualifications, licensing, certification information and upload their CV. Our goal is to constantly improve the hiring and evaluation processes, providing a positive experience for both medical hiring directors and healthcare job seekers.

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Hire Medicals