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About Us

Learn about our finest medical staffing agency

The Company


Hire Medicals is a staffing agency which provides medical staffing solutions to both employers and jobseekers. With years of experience in the business, we put in all the hard work to create a seamless connection between job seekers and the right employers that suit their career choice, skill and goals.

Our unbeatable network is built on a solid relationship with numerous hospitals and other healthcare providers which have strengthened our client base giving us leverage in the management of vacancies across thousands of professionals with local branches spread nationwide. For job seekers, our services are extensively tailored to meet your demands depending on your preference, be it salary income jobs or per day shift jobs if you intend to earn extra income

The Best Business Support

Our support system is very reliable. We are available 24/7 to provide the best business solution that you would enjoy. The customer service staff is always available to attend to your request and complaints

Custom Investigating Strategies

We have a relaxed investment strategy that both employers and jobseekers can manage. This plan helps you to achieve your recruitment program goals at a very affordable rate while you are assured of a good result at the right time.

We Support Financial Interest

Recruitment programs are very expensive to execute and if done improperly will only huge funds. However, we want to help you maximize your investment while giving you the best and most reliable result.

Number One Business Consultancy

Hire Medicals boasts of its consultancy services because we have a team of experts who have a robust knowledge of the health industry. Our medical staffing solution is 100% reliable because we have a 15 years of outstanding record to prove.


In our a decade and a half, we have made an unrivaled impact on many companies who rely on us to provide qualified applicants who we have screened and deem fit for the specific job description given to us. This has indeed helped many companies enjoy better performance in finance and staff productivity.


We employ strategic tools that are very reliable making Hire Medicals the most consistent recruitment agency around. We also provide detailed evaluation of every recruitment program and offer objective advice on our findings to help both jobseekers and employers.


As a medical staffing network, we have a very strong network of companies who enjoy our services. Also through our strong advertising we have been able to create a good relationship with jobseekers who rely on us to provide them with good vacancies in the health sector.

How We Work

We create Viable and sustainable relationship with employers and We plan and schedule meetings to ensure that the right process is followed to provide employers with the best candidates

Our Mission Statement

We desire to serve as the most reliable bridge between medical employers and jobseekers providing excellent medical recruitment solutions to their very needs. We deeply focus on ensuring that competency and professional service delivery are adopted in the choice for medical staff recruitment while the staff is guaranteed maximum satisfaction for a job well delivered.

Team of Experts

Our team of experts is well-trained and equipped with the requisite knowledge in the recruitment business. Well-grounded in Human Resource Management, marketing of our employee brand as well as managing candidate experience. Hire Medicals ensures that our staff are trained and retrained regularly to meet up with the demands of the labor market and more so, to adjust to the peculiar demand of the health industry. They are responsible to negotiating contracts, prepare applicants for interview, conducting interviews for prospective applicants and have vast market knowledge of the recruitment business.

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Hire Medicals