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Learn about our history and work


Hire Medicals also offers the finest consultancy services for companies seeking to recruit staff. With years of experience in recruiting staff in the health sector, our experts have invaluable knowledge in Human Resource Management and requisite tools to help your company achieve its desired goals and objectives.

We are up-to-date with the modern requirement of the industry with which we use as criteria for helping our clients in making excellent decisions in their recruitment exercises. Our result-oriented consultancy service has continued to yield positive result which majority of our clients attest to. We hint jobseekers on the needs of employers and the trends that make them fit for the desired field they intend venture into. We guide employers on the best decision to make in choosing the right candidates and the best ways to execute a recruitment process while saving cost and time.



One of the most fulfilling part of our business is that we stand as the bridge between the employers and jobseekers. We liaise to work in favor of both parties helping companies to build and strengthen their workforce while helping the jobseekers to find the most suitable place that favors their skills, abilities, knowledge and environment. We offer assistance in negotiation as well as advice applicants on the right procedures to follow. Hire Medicals remains committed to real time service and follow through while adequately participating in the


We help to train jobseekers to meet up with the demands of the labour market. The health sector has grown very competitive in recent years. The qualifications and criteria that were used in the past have greatly changed. Without adequate training, certificate alone might not give you the kind of job you desire; hence we update you with more recent techniques to meet up with the ever changing demands. You will surely have a value for your money because our expertise is second to none.


We help jobseekers who seek to meet up with modern requirements of the labor market by offering expert CV formatting service. As professionals with vast experience, we help you write excellent CV, and resume services using disciplined structures that cover the respective industry. We offer complete guidance on resume writing that will help you create better response from employers.

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Hire Medicals