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The COVID-19 Pandemic Shows the Need for Medical Staffing Agencies

The COVID-19 Pandemic Shows the Need for Medical Staffing Agencies

The COVID-19 pandemic affected pretty much anything and everything, turning our world upsidedown. The health of the world is negatively affected, and the economy is in a tailspin due to normal business shutting down.

Yet, while most of us were sitting at home because we could not go to work, healthcare professionals were busier than ever as they tried to help those affected by COVID-19.

Hospitals ran out of beds, and, more importantly, they were running out of staff to help. Once there was a greater need for medical staff, even medical staffing agencies were running thin on workers.

COVID-19 has Clearly Shown the Value that Medical Staffing Agencies Provide

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a sudden increase in patients. During this time, the world learned how valuable medical staffing agencies truly are. If you were to hire someone the traditional way, it could take anywhere from 23 days to 40 days to fill a position. This process includes posting the ad, accepting applications, interviews, and reference checks, background checks, and drug testing.

Usually, that is acceptable, but as of right now, hours can mean the difference between life and death for patients.

Hospitals are jammed-packed with patients, and current hospital staff can’t handle the influx. Plus, hospital staff are getting sick themselves, which makes them unable to work.

How can hospitals keep up with the increase of patients? The simple answer is medical staffing agencies!

With a simple call, you can have trained medical staff come to your aid in a matter of hours instead of weeks. The best part about staffing agencies is they are pre-vetted for the position. The moment hospitals received an influx of COVID-19 patients, the medical staffing agencies were already preparing for the anticipated arrival of calls.

In San Diego alone, one staffing agency reported filling in over 1,995 crisis jobs in just a few days.

One stiffing agency in New York claimed they had a 1,000% increase in requests for nurses since the month prior. Those numbers are just from two agencies in two Cities, could you imagine the figures from around the world?

Medical staffing agencies are providing much-needed assistance in this time of need. Not only are they providing much-needed breaks for the medical staff that has been working days on end, but they are also saving lives.

If you want to find out more information about hiring medical staff through a staffing agency, visit Hire Medicals right now!

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